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Monday, October 22, 2007

Well Ubuntu 7.10 is up and running on my DIY computer. There was the same Nvidia issues as with the 7.04 upgrade. This stems from the battle between closed source and open source. UBUNTU does not do all the work for closed source drivers. So this area is difficult for the average consumer. Where I was disappointed I had to do more work, any non S/W person would have been stuck with 640x480 and an need to go buy a graphics card with and open source driver. That is not easy either.

However this also give me a chance to crow about go good the the open source community is. There is a developer that builds a tool call Envy, his name is Alberto Milone http://www.albertomilone.com/ . Envy is an added tool that will get the Nvidia or ATI drivers and insert them into Ubuntu correctly. He does this as service to the Ubuntu community. When the tool did not run as I expected, I posted to his blog and he return blogged with in 24 hours. His suggestion fixed the issue I had and his tool then installed the nvidia driver and I have the 3d desktop effects and all the resolution settings. Very Cool. So I highly recommend Alberto's projects and I will send a donation as a result of the success. It is great to pay for service delivered!

Oh and Ubuntu 7.10 is very pretty in 3d. There is very little need for something called Vista when Ubuntu is around.


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