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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Am A Carbon Fire

Actually, I am 100 trillion carbon fires all consuming carbon fuel and exhausting carbon dioxide. I consume two million calories of carbon fuel per day and exhaust 1 kilogram, or more, of carbon per day. But that is only the start of it, my ancestors figured out how to consume carbon fuel for greater success in life with ways other than eating it. Thus started the increase in personal energy. It is my fortune to consume more energy than my father, as did he, and as has each generation since humanity formed societies. And it is quite likely that each generation will do so in the future. In fact that is the only way humans can get off the planet is to use more energy per person than we have ever witnessed. What is really amazing is that I use less energy per activity than my father did, as did he in comparison to his father. For each mile travelled, for each hour of light, and for each kilogram of food I use less resources and I am incentivize to do so. By using less per activity and more per lifetime, each person has more influence on the universe. Our planet is bathed in 175 Peta watts of energy that goes into the complex adaptive system called Earth. If the Earth did not release that energy it would melt, boil, pop. Our role is to use that energy better than the previous generation, that is progress. In fact, there is work at SFI that states that natural selection is the result of systems competing to dissipate energy more efficiently into the Earth's shadow. I am not too concerned with Global Warming, that will change, what I am most concerned about is people limiting the amout of energy others may have access to. This is tantamount to the limiting the pursuit of happiness. There is no shortage of energy on earth, only a shortage of science education that would create inovation in energy capture storage and transmission. The only wasted solar energy is that which is not used.




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