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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The Future is Forever and I am Counting on it, with addresses

Well it is finally here: WORLD IPv6 DAY!!!!! You have been waiting for it ever since you found out we were going to run out of IP addresses.

I know you have. The memory of the ridiculous under-sight of the IBM PC Memory address space still haunts you every time you have to code a constant, and you had vowed humanity would never suffer that again.
Then the day you got your first IP address you paused, did the math, tilted your head back and screamed "NOOOOOOOOOOOO" with fists clenched.
You knew then that 256 to the fourth, or really 32 to the second, or 4,294,967,296 was simply too small to address all the humans there were going to be, much less all their personal devices.

Well on June 8th you can finally relax, loosen you mental fists and partake of the IPv6 web WORLD IPv6 DAY is here http://www.worldipv6day.org/
Thats right a limitless address space for your taking. There may be a hiccup here or there but there will be new address space everywhere, forever.........
well, lets think, do the math...IPV6 is 128 bits or 2 to the 128 .... carry the two... WHAT ?!?! We are only planning for 3.40282367 × 1038 addresses ?!?
How could we be so short sighted! Hasn't anyone ever heard of Bill Gates?
How are we going to handle the explosion of humans when we go into space?
How are we going to handle the fact that all pets will have address for human to pet tw-petter?
How are we going to handle the fact that all human made devices will have network ports, at least 4 of them for promise of a wide mesh network?

Well, at least we did something in the interrim, so until IPv8 day, go out an ping addresses, route to addresses, and most of all know that you can get addresses because you were alive on WORLD IPv6 day !

John G Miner
Member of the

The Internet Society (ISOC)

To learn more see:


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