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Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Moon is Important...

The Moon is the Azores of local space travel. The Moon sits between earth and Mars every 28 days. It is the real launch place of earth ships. Any station on the moon will be energy independent from earth. This by itself is an amazing attribute.
Science and Engineering on the Moon will be amazing. From a robotics view, having humans on the moon building robots for moon work or solar system work will be cheaper and more innovative than here on earth.

The Moon is a perfect remote colony, as the role calls for riches to come home from the exploration. Not sure what will be found valuable, but if iron was process able on the moon and steel was foundried on the moon the cost to use it in space or send it home to earth would be quite low.

Most importantly people on the moon will change the world view once more. The view has not been changed much since 1492. My view was changed in 1969. I believe humanity is exploration. I would go.

John, on a pale blue dot in 2005