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Friday, April 20, 2007

I am forced to withdraw all advertising dollars for the the US AG

Listening to the radio this week I was shocked at what I heard coming from Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. I have listened to him in the past and been shocked and surprised by some of his previous statements before congress but this weeks statements went to far! If I were to say the same things in my workplace I would be fired if not sued. It is called the Department of Justice for a reason.

You should not fire a person without talking to them. You would not fire someone without a cause. You can not lie about reasons for termination, particularly under oath. Alberto did all three. It was as if he had no care for the people he was offending. He showed no understanding that they were innocent victims of stereotypes being used by the AG's producers.

Since the promoters and producers of AGAG (weird that his initials are the same as the role) will not take action, I withdraw all advertising dollars I might have spent on shows where the AGAG was scheduled to appear. I also withdraw all advertising dollars from legal shows that include references to AGAG. I highly recommend that advertisers like GM no longer be the official vehicle of the department of Justice until such time as the AG is changed. I also think AG should have to appear on the Al Sharpton radio show. And finally AG should have to visit the fired US attorneys and apologize in person since he did not have the character to talk them in person before. AGAG has taken an important moment from those career jurists and that can not be changed by his continued broadcasting of his understanding of how bad his actions were..............

If AGAG will not resign, he should be demoted to US attorney and then fired without explanation.

".......Finally, I rise to embrace the employees of the Department of Justice. I assume this office knowing that the dedicated men and women here are focused on protecting the lives and the liberties of our citizens."
Albert Gonzales, Feb 14 2005 at his swearing in: http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2005/02/20050214-2.html