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Sunday, January 30, 2005

2004 Nebula Informal Vote in 2005

Welcome to the Nebula Vote for the best Science Fiction/Fantasy Novel of 2004. Below you will find the six entries for Novel. Each Entry has a link to the book in Amazon. The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association will pick the actual winner in Chicago on April 29th. You can read them all or vote by cover art, or on a fan basis. What matters is you vote. This year we have two previous Nebula winners and 4 new potential winners.
Vote by attaching a comment to the entry of your choice and have "Gets My Vote" in the text. You can comment as much and as many as you wish about the entires but only one of your comments can be the vote. I will update the totals about every week. You can change your vote alo up until noon on 4/28 CST. Of the people who pick the winner, one randomly selected person will get a Amazon Gift Certificate for worth $20. Forward this competition to others that are interested in a good book competition! Feel free to forward this blog vote to any interested readers!

Entry #1 Paladin of Souls, by Lois McMaster Bujold

(Eos, Oct 2003) In this sequel to The Curse of Chalion (2001), rich in sumptuous detail and speculative theology, dowager royina Ista Dy Baocia undertakes a pilgrimage to ease her soul-and finds instead that in Chalion, a more dangerous fate awaits than she could ever have imagined.
Lois McMaster Bujold won the Nebula in 1999 for Falling Free and has won the Hugo 4 times including for this book last August.

Entry #2 Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, by Cory Doctorow

(Tor, Feb 2003) A lot of ideas are packed into this short novel, but Doctorow's own best idea was setting his story in Disney World, where it's hard to tell whether technology serves dreams or vice versa. Jules, a relative youngster at more than a century old,.... What is really cool is Corey will let you download the whole book right now at his site
McDevitt has not won the Nebula nor the Hugo before

Enrty #3 Omega, by Jack McDevitt

(Ace, Nov 2003) Priscilla "Hutch" Hutchens, has had a full career as a space pilot and is now administrator of the government agency in charge of space research. Like most people, she's only mildly concerned with the long-range threat of the omega clouds ,,,,
McDevitt has not won the Nebula nor the Hugo before.

Entry #4 Perfect Circle, by Sean Stewart

(Small Beer Press, Jun 2004) Got to love the press name. Ghosts are like homeless people, we are told by DK "Dead" Kennedy, the hero of World Fantasy Award winner Stewart's latest blend of magical realism and Texas regionalism: most of us look away, but he can't
Stewart has not won the Nebula nor the Hugo before

Entry #5 Conquistador, by S.M. Stirling

(Roc, Feb 2004) One adjustment to his radio sends John Rolfe VI, a descendant of the Virginia colonist, from 1946 into a California New World never touched by white men.....
Stirling as not won the Hugo nor Nebula

Entry # 6 The Knight, by Gene Wolfe

(Tor, Jan 2004) A young man in his teens is transported from our world to a magical realm that contains seven levels of reality. Very quickly transformed by magic into a grown man, he takes the name Abel and sets out on a quest to find the sword that has been promised to him,
Gene Wolfe won the Nebula in 1981 for The Claw of the Conciliator . Wolfe has not won the Hugo.

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