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Sunday, May 27, 2012


Long ago, I wanted to be an astronomer.  Long ago I wanted to go into space.  But history took a different path and I ended up in the information business.  Short ago, I lamented the road not taken, I wondered about the Feynman History I did not energize.  Now I think maybe, just maybe, I did invest my life time into human pursuit of space exploration.  How so ?   Space X is founded by a founder of Paypal. The founder of Amazon is pursuing space, Google funds the Lunar X prize, the creator of Ubuntu has stayed on the space station.    I am beginning to realize that, along with a lot of energy, it takes a lot of information to get off this planet.

With that said, I am INFORMing you that I am working to help further humanity into space.  It may not look like it, it may look frivolous, it might seem like a waste for energy, regardless, that is what I am doing.  So to boldly go where humans must go, I update this blog : Way to go Space X !!!!!!!!!